This sister.


Part 3 – This sister

This sister is the dynamic person ushering in the final months of Aziz & Company and while she is taller, more articulate on camera (I turn into a babbling idiot) and has way more cleavage, she is in fact younger than me.

This sister and I used to play under the tables together during the summer when my parents had a booth at the Ottawa Exhibition. While they sold their wares, she and I would play, hide or sleep under the tablecloth.

This sister and I shared a room growing up. Since I’m writing this blog piece I’ll tell you she was the messy one. But mess or no mess, we would spend hours talking, laughing and giggling together when our parents thought we were asleep.

three pic sis

This sister finally got her own room. She missed me so much that I would come into her room and sing her to sleep (Elton John’s “Empty Garden” was among her favourites).

This sister knows every line of the movie “The Main Event” as do I. We quote the movie constantly. If you haven’t seen it, you must and if you’ve seen it and think we are crazy for loving it, you won’t be the first person to say that to us πŸ™‚

This sister is an incredible actress. I went down to visit with her while she was studying at York University and saw her act in a play on stage. Granted I am biased, but she was the BEST one on stage. It was impossible to take your eyes off her. She entranced the crowd, her performance moving and at the same time magical. I watched her in awe of her ability to command attention and felt confident that she was going to achieve her dream of being a force to be reckoned with in the theatrical world.

This sister hosted me at her apartment the one time I felt confident that our father was well enough to leave so I made the trip to Toronto to see Caribbana. Two hours after I lay down my head to sleep we got the call from my mother that he was unresponsive. This sister, knowing I was too tired to drive back home, got in her car and drove to Ottawa with me at 2 am making the four hour trip in just over three hours (shhh…don’t tell the cops). But it was on that drive, in the sometimes silent moments between us, when I knew we both knew he wasn’t going to get better, that I bonded with her for life.

This sister, shortly after that trip, left all her dreams of the stage and a life in theatre behind to come home and help my mother and I take care of him. And to help take care of the shop.


This sister and I have cried countless tears over him since his death and have waded through the enormous heartbreak that grief brings each day.


This sister is one of the biggest champions of my novel “Sex & Samosas“. I sat next to her as she read the final draft before it went to print. She and I both cried as she read the last sentence and then told me, with tears in her eyes, pride beaming from her soul, just how much she loved it.

Launch pics Oct 2011 229

This sister and I may not agree on everything, but there is one thing that we both have an unwavering commonality on – our love for our mother. While we may not see eye to eye on some things (so it goes with all siblings of course), I know we both have only the very best interests at heart for our cherubic mother. When I met my partner and said I no longer had the energy to run the shop, have a full time job and still see him, she stepped up and said she would run the business. And she has done an amazing job of running it! I have always known her to be dynamic, smart, driven and savvy but she has exceeded any expectations I had and run our family shop with a solid business sense balanced by tonnes of heart. Every time I see her shine behind the counter, I beam with the same pride I know our father would have for her if he was still alive to see it.

me and shonnie 2

I’m so grateful for this soul. She is an energetic, vivacious, vitalizing woman who I am very proud to call my champion no matter what has transpired, my ally when things were rough and my sense of humour twin able to laugh with me no matter what drama life throws our way. And above all, I am proud to say she is my sister.


2 thoughts on “This sister.

  1. What beautiful tributes you have written for each of these three precious people! I was moved reading them. Thank you for sharing.


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