Raw sex – and it’s natural too

Product review: Wicked Wanda’s RAW SEX whipped butter

As part of the Summer of my Samosaseries, I am writing about sex-related topics, delving into areas that others may shy away from and trying new things in an effort to expand people’s minds as well as my own. This week, as part of this series, I am doing a product review for Wicked Wanda’s on their in-house made Real Sex whipped butter.

Lately, as you may know, I’ve been on a better-living-healthy-read-the-labels-and-live-better kick. To that end, I am questioning not only what I put IN my body, but what I put ON my body. And lately, I’ve been wondering, “What exactly is in my body creams and lotions?”

I have to admit that I’m not one for using a lot of ablutions in my everyday living. I am prone to dry skin so I do use body lotions when things get from bad to desert-like crackly. A lot of body lotions tout ‘natural ingredients’ or the addition of body-loving aloe or vitamin E but what else goes into them? Have you really stopped to read the labels? Can you even pronounce some of those ingredients? As a general rule of thumb, if I can’t pronounce it, I denounce it.

Along comes Wicked Wanda’s line of body cremes and cupcake-shaped bath body mousses. The line is made locally by  Wanda Cotie and Marie-Elise L’Esperance  using only pure and ethical ingredients. And I can happily say they are not only animal-cruelty free and chemical-free but also sugar-free (one has some honey in it).


Here’s my review:

Rub a dub dem dogs

The first time I used the body cream was actually when I gave my mother a foot rub. I try to rub her feet every day because a) She’s my mother and I happen to respect and adore her so giving the tired old feet that have done more work in a lifetime than I ever will a massage, is a very small amount of payback and b) She is a diabetic and regular foot stimulation is good for keeping the blood flowing to the smaller veins that over time get damaged and can lead to some serious problems. She loved it! The cream went on easily, wasn’t greasy and left her toes and heels soft.

I also used this to give my partner a foot rub but in his case, the massage inched higher and higher with the goal of getting blood flow to a different area if you know what I mean 😉 (hubba hubba!) And the result in both cases was a happy ending.

Scent-uate your skin

I used the Coconut Butter cream. The scent stayed on my skin for HOURS. That’s even after multiple hand washes. And my skin stayed soft and supple all day. Side note: Because I have called myself a ‘coconut’ – brown on the outside, white on the inside – you can imagine my confusion when I would hear  -“Is there a coconut in here?” or “Do you smell that coconut?” 🙂

The scent lingers on the skin and you stay supple and touchable all day. You will actually smell ‘edible’ if you use the  Chocolate Vanilla cream. Imagine the fun of rubbing the lotion all over yourself and being someone’s post-workout dessert!

Drench your dermis

This body cream goes on like silk. It is has a smooth mousse-like consistency to begin with but it also glides on the flesh like a whisper on your skin. Don’t see the importance of keeping your skin well lubricated and moist every day? Try watching an adult movie with an elderly couple and you will have two thoughts: 1) Damn, there’s no age when the body can’t still ‘get it on’ so good for them and 2) Damn, is that what happens to your skin when you get old?? I better moisturize. Moist and supple skin is a complete turn on, unless sandpaper and flaky flesh does it for you. Not here to judge 😉

Elbowgate – the other kind

I used the cream on one elbow for a week and left the other to hang out in cracked city. The results from one week of use on my elbow is astonishing. The elbow that had a dab of cream on it every day is soft, crack-free, bump-free and smooth. The non-treated elbow is bumpy, dark and crusty. They’re both still hairy but until I did this experiment, I didn’t even realize that I had hair on my elbows. Ah, the joys of being of South Asian descent 🙂

Cupcake your coifIMG_8273

Speaking of hair, I used the bath cupcake to moisten my skin in the shower. The natural o
il from the base of the cupcake combined with the moistening cream of the ‘icing’ coat the skin beautifully, water beads up on it and you’re left with touchable soft skin. Because these products are all natural, I decided to try the cupcake in my hair. I ran it down the length of my locks and left it in overnight. The next morning when I washed my hair, it was softer, bouncier and had a beautiful sheen. I can’t stop touching it. I’ve said that before, but about other things… 🙂


So it’s summer time and you’ve got a normal body. Great! That may mean that there is a good chance that when you where a skirt or short shorts, your thighs rub together for what I refer to as “chub rub”. Anyone with fleshy thighs will know that this can be painful and annoying. I tried this cream, applying it to the fleshier inside of the thighs, to see if it would alleviate the issue and sure enough – it did! The friction causes the oils to release a light coconut scent from between your legs, which is decidedly better than sparks or the smell of charred skin 😉

Silky stems

You know that scene in the movie where someone is running their hands up what appears to be a soft pair of smooth and lovely legs? I don’t know about you, but most women of South Asian and Middle Eastern descent may concur that only a few hours after I’ve shaved, my legs have five-o’clock shadow. This cream makes my skin feel soft and supple. Not to mention it gives your legs a healthy glow!

Hand it to the hand job

I remember, now years and years ago, when I first came home with all my sex products after a week of training, I told my boyfriend “Lamby” at the time, that we could play with whatever I had in my sample bag. He took out product after product, grumpily read the ingredient list and numerous times repeated, “Ain’t no way I’m putting this chemical crap on my dick.” Though I could understand where he was coming from, it still saddened me that we wouldn’t be able to play with the products, and in turn, with each other.

Wicked Wanda’s Raw Sex whipped butter is completely natural so naturally I was excited to try it on a much more willing partner – (it is of course all under the guise of research of course) – and this time, with much happier results.

The cream is a wonderful mixture of oils whipped into a mousse-like consistency that makes it moist and slick without even a hint of greasiness. It doesn’t have the gumminess that lubricants have and I wasn’t at all worried about spilling it either. The cream is easty to take out of the little mason jar it comes in with no fear that it will stain your sheets. Trust me, that’s a bonus if you want to avoid having to explain to your cleaners what certain stains may be on your bedspread. The cream was precisely the right amount of slipperiness for the perfect hand job and need I say, it left my hands buttery soft as well.

Hide and go sleek

And lastly, I’d recommend this cream to play one of my favourite sexy games – ‘Find That Spot’. Put the cream on one spot on your body and instruct your partner to find it using only their nose or tongue. In this game, if your partner finds the spot in under five minutes, you agree to take out the recycling for one week (or whatever other household task you may not enjoy doing). If your partner can’t find it, they take out the recycling for one week. Spoiler alert – the first time you play, all the fun is in the search. The feeling of someone’s hot breath against every inch of your skin is an exercise in foreplay that is well worth the time . You may even find spots on the canvas of your being that are highly erotic to you that you would never have discovered without the game. You may also choose to be diabolical and not put any of the cream on which keeps the hunt going indefinitely and delectably. Of course in fairness, you will agree to take out the recycling that week. 🙂


Though the products are all natural, they are not recommended for use in penetrative sex. I’d use these creams for sensual exploration and for the preservation of the biggest sex organ you have – your skin.

I love this line. I love that it’s natural, eco-friendly, preservative-free and locally made.

This product easily gets a 5/5 samosa rating and I’m only getting started!




*please note that this is based on personal use and that individual results may vary. Product is not recommended for use internally

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