Sugar-free me…week two!

With week one firmly under my buckled belt, I figured week two would be a bit easier. Not the case. 

For some reason, this week, I found myself inexplicably filled with rage.

Now, I’m not (usually) one to go about citing conspiracy theories, but I can’t help but feel the refined sugar industry has some kind of hand in keeping the masses addicted and dependent on their product because I found sugar listed among the ingredients of foods I least suspected would need it. The fact that some of the things I have enjoyed for years contained high amounts of sugar, fructose-glucose or corn syrup was alarming and truthfully, a bit unsettling.

I find it utterly frustrating that if I want to eat healthier foods, I’m going to need to prepare everything at home myself. While I have nothing against living a natural lifestyle, I can’t see myself preparing everything from scratch. What’s next? Churning my own butter on the front porch? I don’t have a porch or a pilgrim costume so that’s out. I’ve tried cooking with just an apron on to bring ‘sexy’ to my kitchen escapades but the splatter from oil leaves the task far less erotic than you can imagine.

This week I’m struggling with finding the balance of knowing that home prepared foods are better for me and that if I want to feel better, live better and be better, I need to stop whining and just carve out the time to make things myself. Because I do know that the benefits will propel me to keep at it.

In these last two weeks, my body has undergone a strange, albeit subtle at this point, change. I feel lighter.I’m sleeping even better and without the sugar boost before bedtime (which was my dirty and delicious habit for years), I fall asleep so much faster.

I’ve also noticed that the joint pain I was feeling has started to leave my knuckles. I had been waking up with such terrible stiffness in my fingers that for almost an hour, it was impossible to grip anything. This was starting to panic me as there are so many hand jobs I do on a daily basis for which I need nimble fingers. Wait. That came out wrong. 😀

But you know what I mean!

And I am happy to report that my belt buckle is now on the very last hole. Something I haven’t enjoyed for a few years. I did give in and weigh myself for those who were asking, and I can report that I’m down five pounds these last two weeks. Might account for the feeling of ‘lightness’. That, or the air-cupcakes I mime myself eating are actually filling me with real air 🙂

My observations for week two are below. With sincere apologies to the Doughboy I popped my fist into, I move onward to week three, a little more peacefully I hope… 🙂

Sugarfreeme week two


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