Jasmine Aziz, March’s Ottawa-Woman

The pleasure of the shoot was mine!

Ursz(ula) Muntean

I’ve been slacking with my posts on this blog for a long time now. As a result there is a lot of photography work that I will be catching up on posting. Starting with my favorite shots from the shoot with Jasmine Aziz, an Ottawa based author that I photographed back in February for the March issue of the Ottawa Woman Journal. (I had the first photo in mind for the cover but sadly the publisher had a different vision.) Like all the woman I meet through Ottawa-Woman, Jasmin is lovely, very witty and she has a fascinating life story. While you may not be able to pick up a hard copy of the issue in which she talks about her journey you can read it here. She also published her first book, “Sex And Samosas”, which you can pick up here.

Od dłuższego czasu zawalam sprawe z…

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Keep your eyes open when you kiss a boy.

Selena Robins, Author


In Italian culture, the month of May is dedicated to mom’s everywhere. Let’s go with that. Why one day? Let’s make May the Mother Month.


Remembering two beautiful women I was privileged to call Mother.

My Mom and Mom-in-Law


In the short time that my mom held my hand, her teachings have always stayed with me, even when it was tough to smile in the face of some of life’s challenges, something she taught me—a sense of humor is the best gift you give to yourself and others.

Main thing my mom taught me was to treat others even better than I expect to be treated.

She taught me by example to be kind, sensitive, charitable, classy, embrace the arts, and to always have tomato sauce in the freezer and plenty of pasta on hand in case unexpected visitors show up at dinner time.

You know the saying, “You’ve now…

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Read This First: What is a Middle Class Gypsy?

Middle Class Gypsies

For starters, let me just tell you that I call myself a middle class gypsy because I work a 9-5 office job, and I also live in a Bigfoot camper trailer. I suppose my entire life’s philosophy boils down to that one definition, but I think it’s important to understand how I got here, what I believe in, and what I want people to ultimately take away from this blog.

Growing up, I was a bookworm. An intellectual, a kid who loved school to the point of starting homework clubs for my friends. I loved learning, I was curious, I was sharp, and I was determined. But the older I became, the more that curiosity and passion for learning began to take their own form outside of the classroom. Starting around the 6th grade, I started to resent school because I felt that I wasn’t learning or growing there, that I…

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