Yo – “word” on the street

Words are very special to people. We use them everyday to tell someone how we feel from expressing love to those people who mean a lot to us, to verbally abusing those who cut us off in traffic at this, the jolliest time of the year. Either way, we get our feelings across with words (sometimes grunts and the occasional hand gesture – you just have to love holiday shopping!). I believe words play an especially poignant role in the writer’s life.

I think the fact that I am newly published and that I have taken a great risk to get my novel out (both financially and spiritually) has made me extremely aware of what other people are saying about it and the words they use to convey their thoughts. The one word I find I am most inspired by is Congratulations. It might seem simple, and a bit of a no-brainer to most people but you would be amazed at how few people have actually uttered the word to me. And when some people do say the word, when it comes from their heart and you can really feel their pride, it can and has, moved me to tears.

The word Congratulations carries with it so much meaning. When someone says it to me, I like to think they are acknowledging the strength of courage it took to take on a bold new adventure. That they are waving a metaphorical banner that says: “No matter how many nights you have spent crying, wondering if you will ever see the view from the top of the hill you have been climbing for so long you are finally at the summit and every scratch, bruise, cut and damage to your already delicate psyche was worth it. It was worth it because you refused to quit and this is worthy of verbal applause.” Okay, maybe that would be a pretty big banner, but you get the point.

I appreciate every person who has uttered this word to me. Who has said it from their heart and with this one word has transported any doubt or delusion I may have had to a far away place I no longer care to visit. And to each of them and to all of the people who have bought “Sex & Samosas” I have two very special words for you: “THANK YOU”. Thank you from the very depth of my being for supporting me and continuing to inspire me. I am grateful for every copy sold. I am especially grateful for the wonderful words of praise that this novel has elicited and for the validation it gives me as a writer.

Many people write stories every day. Some never get finished, some end up in an agent’s shredder and some get published. Though a true writer cannot help themselves from putting metaphorical pen to paper, I think every one of them still appreciates the sense of confirmation it provides them when someone who has read their work acknowledges their creativity and their craft. Please know that each time I say “Thank you” these word are filled with the greatest sense of gratitude not only for the support being shown to me but for the long awaited validation it gives me to finally be able to say with pride, “I am a writer.” And your words move me. I wish you a wonderful holiday of love.

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