Virgin Interview and delusions of Ms. Hart

So recently I had my very first interview as an author for “Sex & Samosas”.

The person interviewing me was someone I had met almost three years ago when I was looking for a writer’s group and seeking out my fellow peeps.

Brian had told me that the majority of articles he does are generally automotive related but when he offered to do a review of my novel I jumped at the chance. And no, he wasn’t interviewing me because of the porn scene set in a mechanic’s shop that takes place in the novel when Leena watches her first XXX rated movie…though come to think of it, that would have been funny to talk about. This was a straight up interview about what prompted me to write the book, about my background and about my plans for writing in the future.

As Brian asked questions he interspersed comments with praise for certain scenes in the novel. He was so complimentary about the story that at one point I asked him if he was setting me up for a rouse so that if Mary Hart interviews me later in life and tells me the book is crap, I will sit there saying: “Mary, why you got to be such a !^$@meanie?? Brian said the book was good!!” and then Entertainment Tonight would have coverage of me lunging at their anchor and tackling her until she admitted there was at least one paragraph she liked.

And then I remembered that she retired so I wasn’t as concerned.

Brian made the entire experience enjoyable (check out that alliteration folks!) and now I can’t wait to see the article in print. (I’ll be sure to include a link here when it comes out).

As far as my virgin interview went it was the kind of firsts that a girl can look back on with pride knowing it wasn’t so much about the act itself as it was about the mutual love fest.

So bring on what you got ET Canada. Thanks to Brian, I’m ready for whatever you can dish out.

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