Redef-indie success

What is success?

As I was sitting with my friend Ken today having coffee we discussed what the independent author has to go through to get their work recognized and reviewed.

It’s a steep uphill climb. The kind that can make your nose bleed and your rations run out before you’re half way to the top. So why bother? Well I guess it depends on what you define as success.

For Rocky (yes, I love him…hello? You still there?), as I was saying, for Rocky, it’s about going the distance, not about winning. book cover

It’s the model I’ve used every time I’ve thought about quitting when publishers and agents kept telling me this book wasn’t going to get printed. And now that it is in print, (gorgeous print I might add with extreme bias), and the reviews for it are starting to come in, I can’t help but think to myself the indie writer really has to redefine success for themselves.

Success for me isn’t sitting in a limo asking the driver, “Where’s my cappuccino jerk?” or walking into a store wearing sweat pants and saying to the clerk, “Do you know who I am? Where’s my cappuccino jerl?”

No, success is measured in the difference you make in another person’s life.

Since the launch on Oct. 16th, I’ve had three people tell me “Sex & Samosas” has changed their lives.

One woman said her husband wouldn’t let go of it. He took it out of her hand the moment she bought it and he loved every page. The fact that they are now discussing things openly, things they would never have talked about before, is a bonus.

Couples are reading the book.

Couples are reading it each other.

They are laughing, they are talking and they are making love (this part is always good to hear).

So take away the limos, the store clerks and the cappuccinos and what do you get?

You get a tremendous sense of accomplishment, an inner satisfaction of saying to yourself that even if no one else believed in you, you believed in yourself. No matter what the outcome – it’s always been about going the distance.


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