Virgin Book Fair

The blog is back! Only this time, instead of Leena’s journey, I will be chronicling my own now that “Sex & Samosas” is released.


Today was my very first book fair as a published author.

In my mind, I pictured a flood of people, a veritable line-up of fans wanting books signed and admiring my table display while feasting on my suckers (the lollipop variety of course). Instead there were empty tables sans vendors, more independent publishers than customers and people feasting on my suckers (still the lollipop variety!).

Am I disappointed that the only three books I sold were to the two table mates on my left and right and one other vendor in the hall?

No. Not at all.

My two table buddies were extraordinary people who only reinforced my belief that the publishing industry looks away too quickly at people who think outside the box and that there is merit in their work even if it doesn’t hit the commercially recognized norm.

I spent a fantastic afternoon chatting with fellow writers, sharing tips on marketing and use of social media to propel young authors into the world of viral selling. This first experience has better prepared me for my next book fair.

I now know how many books to take, what to do when there is a lull in sales and the most important tip of all: next time, I need to sport more cleavage.

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