Top 5 Sex Toys Reviewed

There’s a wide world of choices in the adult toy world and sometimes those light-up, jiggly, vibrating, bobbing possibilities can be overwhelming. I’m here to break it down for you and guide you on the best toys to add to your tickler trunk from newbie to bawdy sexpert.

1. Magic Wand

Magic Wand

This toy was first introduced to me at a meeting of my fellow consultants when one of them got so excited she jumped on a chair screaming like she’d just won the lottery. I avoided carrying it for months until a fellow consultant told me that she used it OVER HER JEANS and it gave her a mind-numbing orgasm. Figuring it was a good toy to sell because it doesn’t look like an adult toy, but rather a back massager, it would be an excellent choice for parents who want to play. So I tried it. I lay down at 12:09, put it on the low setting, had an insanely HUGE orgasm – the kind that makes you break into a sweat and see visions of other worldly universes. It was THAT good. I figured it must be at least thirty minutes later.

It was still 12:09!

Bonus for the elder toy players like me who sneeze and throw out their backs – this ACTUALLY IS an excellent back and neck massager too. (I didn’t find that out till I was in my 40’s but it’s an added bonus I appreciate).

❤️solo play

❤️❤️ couple play (think: foreplay back massages)

❤️ both plug in and rechargeable available

2. Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer Pro 2

This little beauty has one focal point and when it zeros in on it, you’ll be amazed! Initially, when I saw this toy I thought it was a black head remover. I didn’t think it would live up to the hype and I already had the Magic Wand so why bother? Then I tried it. The toy has a defined delicate type suction that, because it is so one-track nub-centered, makes it ideal for concentrated stimulation. The fact that it is waterproof takes it up a whole other level! Shower play, tub play, singing in the rain play. All good! The handle has a good grip so all you have to do is point and click 🙂

❤️ solo play

❤️ no plug in – charge holds for a long time

❤️ waterproof

3. Rechargeable Finger Teaser

Finger Fun

The compact nature of this toy and the ability to use it with the sleeve or without make it a very versatile addition. When it comes to erogenous zones, people’s tastes can vary. Strap this compact beauty on your finger and go to town tracing out every line and curve till you figure out exactly where all the sweet spots are on yourself or a partner. Gently stimulate the perineum with this toy when performing oral action on a penis for extra intensity. Or use it coupled with oral vulva play exploring from here to there and ending up anywhere! Bonus: the bullet is removable and can be used on its own.

❤️ solo play

❤️❤️ couple play

❤️ waterproof

4. Rechargeable Bullet

This is the classic “beginner” toy that allows you to dip your toe in the world of adult toys to see how great it can be to add a little vibration to your sex play. It’s compact and discreet making it easy to take on the road if you’re so inclined or hide under the table making holiday dinners a lot more tolerable and interesting (sorry, not sorry) 🙂

But really, for the price, it packs enough of a punch to get you where you need to go even if you are on the go choosing from speed one, two or three. And it’s waterproof!

❤️ solo play

❤️❤️ couple play

❤️ waterproof

5. Male Masturbator

Apollo sleeve

This sleek sleeve was initially a hard sell. It wasn’t until one of my parties when a hostess asked me why I wasn’t selling the sleeve anymore that I found out just how important it was to her and to her spouse. He took it on fishing trips, camping trips and they played with it together as part of their lovemaking. Sometimes she would watch him use it on himself, sometimes she would use it on him. The point is that it has a great deal of suction (or as we in the biz say, suck-tion) to it creating a perfect seal that wraps around and encircles like the tightest of sex hugs on the penis. The closed end cap ensures that no one gets a happy ending in their hair, eyes or anywhere else. It’s reversible but you won’t care. It’s primary goal is to lovingly hold on tight till you’re done. Use the old ‘tug, twist and turn’ method, the ‘rolling the dough’ method or the ever popular ‘yank-me-doodle straight up and down’ method. They all get you where you’re going.

Apollo, we have lift off!

❤️ solo play

❤️❤️ couple play (think: in conjunction with oral or as part of mutual masturbation)

❤️ waterproof

BONUS NOTE: A good lubricant can mean the difference between getting there vs. not getting there, taking an hour to get there vs. taking five minutes. Different times of the month, daily stresses, lack of focus can all lead to less natural lubrication so do yourself a favour and pick up a water-based, P.H. balanced tube of lube to assist and enhance the experience.

I think of these toys as some of the main staples to any toy trunk. There’s enough versatility here to get you going and going and going. Note: when using on a partner for additional fun times, be sure to always ask first and make sure you’re both on the same page! Some people like a surprise tickler, others appreciate the heads up (“heads” up – get it?) 😀

Whether it’s for solo play, couple play or multi-play, always play safe. And remember that the best part of life is love so be sure to open your heart to it because here you come 😛